Lifetime Commercial Roofing believes in simple principles of stewardship protecting our future, and the companies we work for. We are 100% debt free.  We have zero open balances with our suppliers, and maintain healthy reserve capitol to manage the construction of any of our customer’s future projects.

An inspector on the roof examines a skylight

Lifetime Commercial Roofing- Manufacture Inspection


It’s hard to drive thru Texas and throw a rock without hitting a roofer’s truck by accident, and invariably on that truck there will be a sign that reads “licensed, bonded, and insured”.  Well what exactly does that mean?

Licensed: In the state of Texas there is not a “roofing license” available or even issued by the State as there are in other states.

So, what assurance or accountability does one have to make sure that quality is maintained or adhered to when they are having roof work done?

This is why Lifetime Commercial Roofing holds the highest level of major manufacture certifications, backing their work with outside inspectors, and qualifying them for unprecedented warranties. We are licensed as a business with the state but anything represented by another roofing company outside of this is misleading.

Bonded:  In truth this should read “bondable”.  Bonds are specific insurance policies declaring that a specific commercial roof will be put up in adherence to local code and contractor regulations.  In order to qualify for a bond the company must present all company financials and any accounts with suppliers as well as have been in business without incidents for a period of time. These specifications are determined by the bond issuer.

We are proud to say Lifetime Commercial Roofing is “bondable” and we have received bonds on numerous occasions for numerous commercial jobs.

Insured:  We have always maintained insurance since the conception of the company; however, it wasn’t until we had our policy inspected by a large customer that we realized our previous policy had far too many holes in it. After diligently searching to find better coverage, for our customer’s sake, we were quickly informed that these gaps were the norm and any additional riders to fill them would quadruple our cost in premiums. We did it without hesitation.  Again, we are not willing to leave our customers exposed to a bad situation by doing business with us. Lifetime Commercial Roofing also carries workers comp by project in case of injury.  We cannot stress enough the importance of not just looking at coverage limits when determining your next commercial roofer, but asking for the policy itself and what it does or does not cover. Fortunately, we have never had an incident, but if one occurred, our company, and its customers are covered.

We have hundreds of success stories waiting to be told, and added to by your next commercial roof project.


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All your roofing needs are one phone call away! Whether dealing with an occupied 6 story office complex with multiple tenants, or a 30 building multi-family apartment community, we have the professional know how too logistically get the job done in the most organized and timely manner possible.

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Project Management

Large sum restoration projects, if not handled properly, can result in thousands of dollars lost. Lifetime Commercial Roofing has extensive experience in commercial restoration project management and will ensure:

That a Lifetime Commercial Roofing representative meets on the job site to initially inspect the extent of damage.

Reports, documentation, and estimates in Xactimate (a nationally licensed damage assessment and cost software recognized by all major insurance companies) are prepared properly.

Customer Service

Lifetime Commercial Roofing is a preferred contractor for, and installs nationally recognized lines of roofing materials manufacturers.

We far exceed local and state code requirements, and make a point to replace all metal penetrations and water diversions when reroofing, in order to establish a new age for all components of the roof.

This is vital to ensure the manufacture warranty is not void, and allows us to completely back our work with up to 20 year warranties.