Lifetime Commercial Roofing understands the ins and outs of Real-Estate.

(We get it).

We know that the 2 things that can kill a deal, quicker than anything, are issues with the foundation, or issues with the Roof.

These almost always occur during an option period where all parties are pressed, and stressed.

Lifetime Commercial Roofing offers free inspections for your commercial properties as soon as you have them listed, before 10 day option periods, in order to be PROACTIVE AND NOT REACTIVE.


Lifetime Commercial TPO Roof With Walk Pads

Lifetime Commercial Roofing will send a certified inspector to go over the property completely inspecting:

  • All penetrations
  • Curb mounts for AC units
  • Parapet Caps
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Service locations
  • Roof Access Points
  • Exterior or interior drains
  • Guttering
  • Scuppers
  • Low points
  • Gravel Guards, Termination bars, and other flashing systems
  • Any storm or mechanical damage that may be present affecting the integrity of the roof

Whether Lifetime Commercial Roofing is able to get to your roof repair or roofing replacement need ahead of time or not, we have the manpower and turnaround times to get you the solutions you need.

Contact Us for your free inspection today.

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Lifetime Commercial Roofing

All your roofing needs are one phone call away! Whether dealing with an occupied 6 story office complex with multiple tenants, or a 30 building multi-family apartment community, we have the professional know how too logistically get the job done in the most organized and timely manner possible.

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Project Management

Large sum restoration projects, if not handled properly, can result in thousands of dollars lost. Lifetime Commercial Roofing has extensive experience in commercial restoration project management and will ensure:

That a Lifetime Commercial Roofing representative meets on the job site to initially inspect the extent of damage.

Reports, documentation, and estimates in Xactimate (a nationally licensed damage assessment and cost software recognized by all major insurance companies) are prepared properly.

Customer Service

Lifetime Commercial Roofing is a preferred contractor for, and installs nationally recognized lines of roofing materials manufacturers.

We far exceed local and state code requirements, and make a point to replace all metal penetrations and water diversions when reroofing, in order to establish a new age for all components of the roof.

This is vital to ensure the manufacture warranty is not void, and allows us to completely back our work with up to 20 year warranties.